Preferred PDF Specification

Please provide your files in the following format:


Ideally images should be 300dpi or above without visible compression.

OCR'd or text extractable

It's important that we can extract and index the text from your PDF. Please ensure that your text hasn't been converted to vector format - a good way to test this is to select some text from one of your pages and paste it into a word processor. If you obtain legible text, we can work with your file.

Cropped or trimmed

Pages should either be cropped to their final size (with no visible crop marks in the margins) or each page's TrimBox should be set appropriately so that we can trim them automatically during production.

No spreads

Each single page of your physical publication should correspond to a page in the PDF - please don't combine double-page spreads into a single PDF page.


Please provide assembled PDFs, containing all the publication's pages in the correct order (including inside covers).

If you have questions or would like us to review a file for suitability, please get in touch or upload a PDF.

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