Reading Rooms for Books FAQ

How do I upload books?

Click 'Create New' next to 'Recent Books' on the 'Welcome Page'.

Fill out the form with the book's title, ISBN (each upload needs to have a valid ISBN), select the number of pages at the front and back available to preview, enter the shop link to re-direct users to through the 'Buy here' button, and upload the PDF.

Walk Through Video

How much of a book can people see?

You select the number of pages available to preview at the front and back from a drop down menu (9, 17, 33 at the front or 1, 9, 17, 33 at the back).

Which kind of files can I upload?

One PDF file for each book, appearing exactly as the print book does. You need to include the whole book (i.e. not an extract), the front and back covers, and blank pages inserted in the place of the inside front and back covers.

PDF Specifications

How long will it take for a book to upload?

The processing time will take between 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how large the book is.

The 'Status' bar will change to 'Published' once the book has successfully uploaded onto the platform.

Does the book look correct?

Odd-numbered pages should always appear on the right-hand side if not, the double-page spreads may not align as they originally did in the print and affect the layout of the images and text.

This issue is usually fixed by inserting a blank page in the place of the inside front cover.

How can I re-upload a book if formatted incorrectly?

  1. Re-login here.
  2. Click 'see all' next to 'Recent Books'.
  3. Click on the book you wish to re-upload the PDF for.
  4. Click 're-upload PDF'.

Where can book previews be used?

Once the book has been uploaded, you can either copy a book preview link to integrate across your digital marketing channels or download a QR code to include in your physical marketing materials.

What additional features does Reading Rooms Pro include?

  1. Share any extract(s) of the book digitally with customisable preview pages.
  2. Distribute time-limited full access to books for review, rights and inspection copies.
  3. Curate fully-searchable virtual book collections for events and reading lists.
  4. Track usage via Google Analytics.

Please get in touch at for more information and pricing.

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