Exact Editions is, quite simply, the best digital content management platform for magazine and book publishers. Their technology is intuitively designed, easy to adopt, and very reader friendly. The excellence of their platform is underpinned by an exceptional team of professionals who have worked tirelessly on behalf of our publication. Their help has been invaluable in launching and growing Siegfried, and we would recommend them with enthusiasm to anyone in the book or magazine industry.

Sidney Falconer, Editor
Siegfried Magazine

Exact Editions provide the perfect link between digital magazines and institutions. On top of this, their customer service is second to none, with regular updates and impressive results.

Sam Lachter

The Philosophers' Magazine thrives because of its online presence, and for that we owe a huge thank you to the alarmingly talented people at Exact Editions. They know answers before we ask questions, the digital version of the magazine looks great, and their marketing team is superb.

James Garvey, Editor
The Philosophers' Magazine

We have had a very happy experience with Exact Editions. They have the knack of keeping ahead of the changing market place for a magazine like the Musical Times, which means we have flourished.

Peter Phillips
The Musical Times

Institutional subscriptions are a great source of bonus revenue for us. They are something we couldn’t set up on our own so the Exact Editions technology and sales infrastructure is crucial to opening this up.

Richard Guy, Publisher
When Saturday Comes