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What happens next?

Once you sign up for your Exact Editions account you can try out our great Publisher Dashboard. If you like, you can use the Publisher Site Walk-through Guide (PDF) to get going.

You can find our preferred PDF specifications here.

Firstly you should upload a trial issue of your magazine so you can test it out online and through the Exactly app. Once complete you will be able to explore the Dashboard's full features including Title Management, Financial Reports, Subscriber Information, Marketing Tools and much more. Please get in touch for more info.

How do I publish my magazine?

After uploading and testing out your trial issue, just contact us to discuss a range of digital opportunities for your magazines. These include publishing your title online, via the Exactly app or through your own branded app across platforms.

For information on pricing and services contact us once you have signed up and uploaded a trial issue.

Uploading your Trial