About Exact Editions

We make it easy for publishers to enter the digital market and increase revenue.

Exact Editions is a digital publishing company based in North London. We're a team of producers, developers and designers who turn publications and their archives into dynamic and user-friendly digital editions.

Exact Editions specialises in digitising content across web and app platforms, selling subscriptions to individuals and institutions and providing cutting-edge streaming solutions.

Founded in 2005, we now handle thousands of issues, from niche magazines to household names. As the digital market has grown, so have we. We seek the latest opportunities to enhance circulation for our publishers and provide the best possible products to subscribers.

If you're interested in publishing your magazine digitally, contact us via email or phone and we can discuss your options. Alternatively click the Sign Up button and test out our services for free.

Digitial magazines with Exact Editions work everywhere.

What we believe

  • Digital is the future. We want to help publishers produce efficient and reliable digital editions that satisfy their readers.

  • Simple is beautiful. At Exact Editions we like to keep things simple. Our apps and website make it easy to read magazines by minimizing clutter and making user experience a priority.

  • Readers want more. Exact Editions offers additional content such as in-text links and a comprehensive function to enhance reader experience.

  • Access is everything. Subscribers should have access to their subscription through all available means. We offer access to magazines online, on iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.

  • Archives add value. Offering access to extensive archives of publications makes the subscriptions a rich resource. Subscribers can not only browse a title's latest material but also delve into past content.

What our clients say

"I just want to thank the Exact Editions team for handling the launch of our archive; it really looks fantastic and we are so happy with the finished product. I hope this will be the beginning of an exciting new phase for our magazine."

―Caroline Porter, Jewish Renaissance

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